Gregg Walden

  Mr. Gregg Walden

Mr. Gregg Walden
North American Quality Manager, Product Integrity, Wolseley.

Mr. Walden has been involved with engineering and technical aspects of quality assurance for over 25 years. He is a passionate advocate of quality and strives to see safe products and sound supply developed through responsible and repeatable processes. His hands-on approach to quality integrates scientific repeatability with best practices of business and management systems. As a Senior HQ QA Manager for Ferguson (the US-based parent organization of Wolseley Industrial Group), Mr. Walden has responsibilities for corporate supplier evaluations, product monitoring, and laboratory testing, serves as a technical liaison, and assists with industrial business development. His knowledge base includes formal education in electronics, materials testing, and materials science (especially ferrous materials) and decades of experience and interactions with manufacturers and products from around the world.

In his time with the company, Mr. Walden has authored and implemented processes now used for its industrial ISO 9001 program, ISO/IEC 17025 program, supplier approval programs, and proprietary functions that are central to the repeatability, reliability, and durability of quality processes used to manage over $15B USD of business.

Mr. Walden currently participates in the development and maintenance of numerous pressure piping component standards and is a technical contributor to groups involved with manufacturing, ferrous materials, heat treating, corrosion testing, mechanical testing, and metallography / metallographic evaluation. Over the years, Mr. Walden has served as a member, chair, and/or technical collaborator/advisor to ASME B16 Subcommittees B (castings), C (flanges / flanged fittings), F (forged and wrought fittings), N (valves), B16 MTC, B16 main, B31.1/3, and BPVC Sec. IIA, and in ANSI canvass committees reviewing MSS standards intended to be approved as American National Standards for pressure / corrosive piping.

Currently, Mr. Walden oversees technical, riskā€based assessments of suppliers and products and is responsible for PVF supplier qualifications. Corporately, he promotes quality, safety, reliability, organizational excellence, continuous improvement, and collaborative, long-term partnerships with our diverse, large, and demanding customers. Mr. Walden is regarded as a practical, hands-on problem solver, and he attends this conference looking forward to thoughtful discussions and the opportunity to interact with such a broad community of experts