Ms. Siana Teelucksingh

Miss Siana Teelucksingh

Miss. Siana Teelucksingh
Renewable Energy, Consultant.

Siana Teelucksingh is a Renewable Energy Consultant. Siana focuses on bringing clean, affordable energy to the people of Caribbean nations. For the past three years she has supported the Clinton Climate Initiative and Rocky Mountain Institute’s Islands Energy Program. Siana has facilitated multi-stakeholder processes for decision making with island governments and utilities in St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize and Dominica on a variety of programmes including integrated strategic planning. She is currently the technical lead on Dominica’s Sustainable and Resilient Energy Plan, post-hurricane Maria, and on utility-scale battery studies for Eastern Caribbean Nations.

Siana previously worked at a renewable energy start-up company in Trinidad, where she was a consultant to the Government of T&T for a feasibility study of the manufacture of solar panels from regionally sourced raw materials.

Siana obtained her MSc. in Sustainable Energy Futures from Imperial College London.

Siana started her career in energy as a geoscientist at bpTT, working on resource development, petroleum systems and reservoir characterization.