Industry Reality Check: Oil and Gas Reserves

Presenters: Deloitte in collaboration with PetroCom Technologies Limited.
Date: Wednesday 20th January 2016 – Day 3 of the Energy Conference.
Time: 9 am.
Location: Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain

Registration Fee:

USD 200.00 30.00 230.00 200.00 30.00 230.00
TTD 1,280.00 192.00 1,472.00 1,280.00 192.00 1,472.00

Industry Reality Check: Oil and Gas Reserves ( A Transformative Economic Stimulant)


The changed dynamics in the Energy Sector have created new “norms” in the regional and global landscapes worldwide. Will these phenomena be sustained and how do they affect our regional projections and business models?

In the Trinidad and Tobago energy sector, these changes directly impact strategic planning, financial and operational decisions. This workshop highlights the core of the sector value chain “O&G Reserves” and examines the different perspectives around the Reserves discussion, utilising best practice approaches, with case study examples, to showcase how our understanding of reserves affect stakeholders and upstream to downstream players.


Participants will be exposed to informative discussions and industry knowledge around:-

  • Differences in Reserves reporting perspectives globally, and its applications and impact to the Trinidad & Tobago economy
  • Wider stakeholder value & advantages in understanding gas availability and oil reserves in relation to investment decisions, contract negotiation and business opportunity identification.
  • The implications of reserves on strategic planning and sustainability for all stakeholders within the sector and broader economy