Trinidad could become a solar manufacturing hub

Updated On: Feb 3rd 2015

Trinidad and Tobago has all the requirements for the establishment of the entire value chain in solar energy manufacturing.

Johan Sydow, Managing Director, SiTek Ltd said these include very low production cost in the country, easy access to key markets, access to energy and quality raw material and industrial infrastructure and skills.
He said the Trinidad and Tobago Solar Technology Park with InvesTT as the lead agency received Cabinet support last November for its promotion.

The Solar Technology Park Phase 1, likely to be established at Point Lisas will include four industrial plants: a Float Glass, Metallurgical Silicon, Polysilicon and Solar-PV.

Sydow said silicon and Solar-PV industries are keen to establish new low-cost locations for manufacturing that were ideally close to markets to the Americas and the Caribbean.

The benefits of Trinidad and Tobago becoming a solar manufacturing hub could lead to industrial diversification, more jobs and revenue per unit of gas.

He noted that Trinidad and Tobago also has well developed industrial infrastructure and ports and the country’s close proximity to the Panama Canal which was recently expanded was a major advantage.

Among the next steps are investor engagement and country preparedness.

The solar manufacturing sector was estimated at US$100 billion in 2013 with 20% of global demand in the Americas.